Birdwatching in Jamaica

If you’re a diehard birder, there is no better place to visit than here in Jamaica. It’s your chance to combine the perfect winter getaway with a stay at a gorgeous Jamaica villa rental and your favorite pastime.

The island of Jamaica is home to 65 species of birds, nearly half of which can be found nowhere else on the plant.

Come bird watching in Jamaica and cross the Jamaican Spindalis off your must-see list, as well as the Blue Mountain Vireo, the Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo, and the Sad Flycatcher. We have the most unique species of birds in the Caribbean.

The best time to come birdwatching in Jamaica is during the first half of the year, from December until June, when the birds are mature and showing off their finest songs and plumage.

Among the best places to visit for bird watching is the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park around St. Andrew and St. Mary. It’s one of the prettiest parts of the island, with roughly 200,000 acres of pristine rainforest to explore.  It’s also the best place in Jamaica to find migratory birds. The area around Bluefields has been called one of the best birding areas in Jamaica, with nearly 30 Jamaican species of birds.

For water birds, the shores of the Black River are home to thousands of native waders, including egrets, terns and gulls.

Finally, make sure to stop by the Cranbrook Flower Forest near St. Ann. There are lots of pretty hiking trails and paths through the forest, and the area’s gorgeous flowers attract thousands of birds.

Plan a stay at the Jamaica villa offered by Tropical Island Retreats during the peak bird-watching months of December through June, and don’t forget to bring comfortable walking shoes and your best binoculars.