Carnival in the U.S. Virgin Islands

In many countries around the world, Carnival is the best festival going.  Dancing all night long, plenty of live music, colorful costumes and great local food; a Carnival vacation creates memories for a lifetime.  In the U.S. Virgin Islands, 2012 marks the 60th anniversary of Carnival.

First celebrated to the song “Don’t Stop the Carnival” by the Duke of Iron back in 1952, Virgin Islanders love their Carnival festivities. Drawing on the African and European roots of the Virgin Islanders, Carnival is celebrated in the U.S Virgin Islands at different times.

On St. Thomas, the celebrations last through April and May.  On St. Croix, Carnival takes place over the Christmas holidays, with lots of Latin music and a Carnival Queen and King.  In St. John, the party goes from June until July, with parades, fireworks and a delicious food fair.

On the island of St. John, the Carnival also marks a celebration of the end to slavery on the island, and the Virgin Island independence.  It usually involves a great 4th of July party centered around Cruz Bay.  The streets are filled with dancing and costumed party-goers, as Virgin Islanders hop from island to island on the ferry making sure to make the most of the festivities.

Carnival is a great time to book a vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are wonderful St. John vacation rentals, which just are perfect for anyone who looks forward to enjoying Carnival activities, as well as quiet evenings by your own private pool.