A Day in Road Town, Tortola

The gorgeous Caribbean island of Tortola has been fought over by pirates and many European nations, but today, it is a gorgeous place to spend a relaxing vacation in the sun.

If you plan an idyllic vacation at one our pretty Tortola villas, plan to spend a day or two exploring the island.  Here are some of the great things to do during a day in Road Town and all across Tortola.

For a day of shopping, hit Main Street in the town of Road Town.  There are lots of neat little shops here, including the Sunny Caribbee Spice Company, which specializes in Caribbean spices and crafts.  There is also a lovely market right near the waterfront, where you can pick up handmade crafts and clothing.

If you would like to explore some gorgeous Caribbean landscapes, you can walk from Main Street up to the J.R. O’Neal Botanic Garden.  This beautiful public garden showcases the stunning tropical flowers and trees that are native to this corner of the Caribbean.

For a day at the beach, head to Cane Garden Bay Beach, on the north shore of Tortola. The soft white sand stretches on forever, and there are plenty of facilities here, including restaurants and sports equipment rental.

For a day of hiking through picturesque countryside, visit the Sage Mountain National Park.  This beautiful rainforest covers more than a hundred acres of Tortola, with clearly marked hiking paths. Check in at the park office right at the entrance for a free map of the whole area.

For a dinner out on the island, you may want to try a night at Drakes Point, in the Fort Burt Hotel. It is one of the oldest restaurants in all of the British Virgin Islands, and has an incredible view over the Drake Channel.  You can also head over to West End, where the Sugar Mill Restaurant is set in a centuries-old sugar mill, and serves fresh local Caribbean cuisine.

There is plenty to do and to see on this gorgeous Caribbean island.  Why don’t you consider organizing a luxury BVI holiday villa in Tortola for your perfect family vacation?