A Day Trip to Jost Van Dyke

So, you’ve chosen to vacation in one of the gorgeous Tortola villas here in BVI, or you’ve arranged for a relaxing holiday at a pretty St. John villa rental in USVI,  and now you’re planning what to do with your long, lazy days in the Caribbean sun!  Along with sleep, swim, surf and sail, make sure to plan a day trip to the charming island of Jost van Dyke.

Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the British Virgin Islands, and it’s just a ferry ride away from Tortola and St. John.  If you’re taking a ferry from USVI, keep in mind that the ferry only runs on weekends, and you will need to bring your passport with you.  You can also take a sail over, and drop anchor in one of the many pretty harbors here, which used to be where pirate ships hid out.

The island is tiny!  You can walk around the entire island, spending your day exploring the highlights.   There are roads or paths between all of the pretty beaches and bays.  Make sure to head up to Diamond Cay, where you can find Bubbly Pool.  It’s a natural pool, fed by the surf, and it’s a great place to splash when the swells are high.

Go for a hike from Great Harbor over to White Bay. It’s one of the most beautiful hikes in BVI, and the view from the top of the hill includes Tortola, St. John and St. Thomas.  It’s a little rocky, so pack some good walking shoes.

For lunch, stop at Foxy’s in Great Bay, home to the most famous New Year’s Eve parties in the Caribbean.   On weekends, Foxy is the place to hang out for every sailor or yachter in the Virgin Islands. You can even enjoy a drink or a song with Foxy himself.

Another highlight of any visit to Jost Van Dyke is to enjoy a famous Painkiller at the Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay.  Made of Pusser’s Dark Rum (it has to be Pusser’s, or it’s not a Painkiller), pineapple and orange juices, sweetened cream of coconut and a sprinkle of nutmeg; the Painkiller is one of the most iconic Caribbean drinks.