Savor Pusser’s Rum in the British Virgin Islands

The taste of fine rum is as much a part of a Caribbean vacation as sun, sand and the sound of steel drums. Rum is a part of the history of the Caribbean, and here in the British Virgin Islands, Pusser’s Rum is the flavor of the day.

The name comes from a centuries-old tradition, where British sailors were given a daily rum ration from the ship’s purser.  That evolved over time to the expression “pusser’s”, and a “pusser’s issue” became anything supplied directly by the Royal Navy.

In 1970, the daily rum ration was discontinued by the Royal Navy, and Charles Tobias, founder of Pusser’s, bought the right to the blending recipe associated with the sailors’ rum.  To this day, Pusser’s still gives a portion of its royalties from every bottle to the Royal Navy Sailor’s Fund, a naval charity in the U.K.

Today, Pusser’s Rum is produced right here in Tortola.  It’s the same blend of five rums from the Caribbean that was issued to the sailors.  It is one of the few types of rum in the world that has no flavoring agents.

Award-winning, rich and full bodied, Pusser’s is one of the smoothest rums.  In fact, it is produced using the same distillation process as single malt scotch, which produces the depth and silkiness of the flavor.

Booking a  trip to one of our relaxing Tortola villas? Come check out the Pusser’s Co. Store on Tortola, where the company has its tasting room.  Taste some glorious rum in the British Virgin Islands.  Pick up some shorts, a tee-shirt, a few bottles of tasty Pusser’s Rum and maybe a rum cake or two, so you can fully enjoy the Caribbean flavor of your stay at one of the gorgeous villas in Tortola.